Haigh Industries Inc., manufacturer of Akzentz professional nail products, is proud to be 100% Canadian owned. Founded in 1989 by Sandra Haigh with the sole purpose of manufacturing the highest quality user friendly nail products, Akzentz has progressed into one of the most renowned brands of nail products worldwide.


來自加拿大的AKZENTZ創立於1989年,品質與健康幷重,深受美國、日本等國外美甲師的喜愛,在加拿大有著100%的市場占有率,更滿足了現代美甲師的需求。操作簡單,不傷真甲, 100%純凝膠,多樣化色系,不易變黃或脫落,不須打磨和使用結合劑,不含致癌物等化學溶劑,色澤亮麗,高貴與典雅。

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